Ishikawa Metal Co. Ltd is Lead-free solder manufactuer and sales in Osaka

Ishikawa Metal Co.,LTD


Management System
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

Certified office:Head office factory

  • 7-21 Chikkoh Hamadera Nishimachi Nishi-ku Sakai City, Osaka 592-8352, Japan
  • TEL:(Representative)072-268-1155
    (Product and Technical Inquiries)072-268-1156
  • FAX:072-268-1159

Corporate history

Corporate history

1918 Minoru Ishikawa is engaged in the manufacture of solder and white metal, and serve on the acquisition of technology.
1935 Ishikawa metal Industries inc. is founded as the individual companies.
1946 After the war, buiness is resumed at Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi Ebisu-cho.
1952 Ishikawa metal Industries Co.Ltd is reorganized to Corporation, depending on the progress of the business.
1955 Awarded license of JIS indication by Ministry of International Trade and Industry about white metal.
1959 Awarded license of JIS indication by Ministry of International Trade and Industry about solder..
1967 Awarded license of JIS indication by Ministry of International Trade and Industry about flux cored solder. wire.
1976 Toru Ishikawa was Appointed as CEO
1978 Participated in the Sakai machinery Kinzokudanchi cooperatives relocated to the current location.
for the sake of Pollution elimination and productivity improvement. renamed to Ishikawa Metal Co..
1980 Awarded license of The MIL standard certification by the Defense Agency.
1983 Developed the "Super Rosin GX".for spattering preventing solder for precision electronic parts corresponding to the needs of the industry due to the deployment of advanced technology field.
1984 Developed the "Stechron" solder containing an active agent corresponding to the diversification of the base material.
1985 Developed the solder paste "Soldim" corresponding to the needs of surface mount technology which is evolving.
1987 Developed the "Super Rosin GXM and GXR" less flux spattaring and solder ball type based on Super Rosin GX technology.
1988 Developed the "Soldim color" corresponding to the automatic recognition of the solder paste printing in SMT.
1991 Developed RMA solder paste for Nitrogen furnace and air reflow furnace and also for chip standing preventing.
1992 Developed flux cored solder wire TT53 with ultra-low scattering properties. Development patent application of solder with resistance for heat shock.
1993 US patented the solder paste corresponding light beam heating.
1995 Get the US national standard of the flux cored solder wire "Super Rosin GXM" and "Stechron RA" and the solder paste "Soldim 878" (ANSI / J-STD). Development patent application of flux cored solder wire "Taflock" Scattering of flux, and the residue of crack, solder enters heat which prevent flux spattering, the residue of crack, and heat lean.
1996 Development patent application of Lead-free solder.
1999 ISO9001 certification.
2000 Development patent application of "Alumax" for aluminum coil soldering.
2002 KIX Techno Center completed
Established China Wuxi factory
2003 ISO14001 certification.
Patent application Copper erosion preventing lead-free solder.
Patent application low spattaring ree solder High workability, solder "SPM" patent application Cored low scattering lead-free.
2007 Patent application "E series" chip erosion prevent type flux cored solder wire.
2008 Patent application "8900" active-controlled lead-free solder paste.
2010 Representative Director in Hiroshi Ishikawa appointed.
2011 Jointly developed with Denso, high reliability lead-free flux cored solder wire "DDL", "DDH" residue crack prevention type,also patent application.

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