Ishikawa Metal Co. Ltd is Lead-free solder manufactuer and sales in Osaka

Ishikawa Metal Co.,LTD


Management System
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015

Certified office:Head office factory

  • 7-21 Chikkoh Hamadera Nishimachi Nishi-ku Sakai City, Osaka 592-8352, Japan
  • TEL:(Representative)072-268-1155
    (Product and Technical Inquiries)072-268-1156
  • FAX:072-268-1159

Messeage from the President

Message from the president

The Soldering Technology ----- Solder alloy and soldering joint are typical ancient technology which were also used even for accessories of those kings of ancient Egypt era about 5,000 years ago. Soldering joint have been found from those relics.

We, Ishikawa Metal was founded in 1935 and since from the start we eagerly set our mind to produce solder products. In our history, so many unique products were developed and have been approved by many customers. Our developing concept is inquiry-based development to fulfill each customer’s requirement.

We have resource to develop modern requirements which are match for each market situation with our technicians who have challenge spirit. Also we are doing research and joint development with laboratory in universities.

We, Ishikawa Metal would like to support all of customers with the above mentioned resources and accumulation of technology with long history ever and ever.


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