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Solder paste (bottle)

Printing type for LASER 8229 series
Suitable for LASER soldering

Suitable for LASER heat soldering.Achieve good soldering quality, despite the rapid heating.

Reduce solder ball

●Solder ball test by LASER heating

Few solder ball occurs by rapid heating in short time
Irradiation time:0.2 sec
Parts:1005R chip
Irrdiation method:Radiate the entire chip and pad


Enable to adopt into general use printer for SMT.No special printer is required

Stable viscosity

●Viscosity test of cotinuous printing

Stable viscosity of continuous printing

Brand-new process

Enable to adopt brand-new process combined LASER and printer which can shorten the SMT processing time as reflow oven is not required.

Suitable for LASER heating of SMT package

●LASER SMT test of QFP parts

Enables combine to printing, suitable for various SMT parts
Irradiation:5 sec/25pins
Parts:0.5mm pich QFP
Irradiation method:Scan irradiation to leads and pads

Alloy type J3 (Sn:Bal / Ag 3.0 / Cu 0.5)
R4 (Sn:Bal / Ag 0.3 / Cu 0.7)
Flux type MIL-RMA
Halide contents 0.10%~0.14%
Powder particle size(μm) 38~20(Type 4)
Flux contents(%) 10.5%
Deterioration(Pa・S) 230
Copper plate corrosion test No corrosion
Copper mirror corrosion No corrosion
Insulation resistance(Ω) More than 5.0×108Ω
Electrochemical migration No migration
Flux name 8229

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