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Water-soluble flux products that help make soldering more efficient and reliable.

Item name Halide contents(%) Cleaning after soldering Features
Flast A 33.4 Necessary Applicable to materials difficult to solder.
With broad soldering temperature range of 130 to 450℃.
The spreading rate is 95% for cupper, 95% for brass,90% for nickel,88% for stainless steel, and 90% for steel.
Flast S 0.0 Necessary Especially for stainless steel,but applicable to copper,nickel and steel as well.
Capable of soldering at relatively low temperature(about 250℃).
Dissolves above 350℃,making soldering impossible.
Umit soldering temperature to below 300℃.
The spreading rate is 92% for copper,92% for brass,90% for nickel,90% for stainless steel, and 91% for steel.
Flast D 0.36 Unnecessary For terminating copper wire;non-corrosive.
To terminate wires,apply flux,then dip the wires in a 350~450℃ solder bath.
The spreading rate is 92% for copper
Flast DA 0.18 Unnecessary Even more reliable product than D.Non-corrosive and for terminaling wires.
The spreading rate is 90% for copper.
Flast H 32.0 Necessary Capable of high-strength soldering of stainless steel,zinc alloys,steel,nickel,brass,copper and other metal.
Applicable to stained glass as well if diluted with water.The spreadingrate is 96% for copper.
Flast I 0.9 Unnecessary For terminaling leads.Decomposed at soldering temperature but is non-corrosive.The spreading rate is 94% for copper.
Flast G 1.3 Necessary Have high viscosity and can apply by brush.
Applicable to nickel,copper,iron and other metals.
The spreading rate is 90% for copper.
Flast IH2 0.78 Unnecessary For electric light bulb bases(brass)

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