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Anti-oxidation agent for lead-free solder SANLES PELLET100 SANLES H PELLET 100
Reduce solder oxidation in bath

Oxidation suppression element redues the formation of oxidized layer.Stabilize product qualiity,reduce the cleaning frequency of the surface improve the workabiity.

Reduce solder oxidation

Surface of solder bath

Suppresses the oxidation of surface of solder bath and reduce the oxidized layer.
Solder bath temp:450℃
Standing time:10 min

Prevents the solder spattering

Prevents solder ball spattering by thermal decomposition of polyurethane-ciat because it suppresses the formation of oxidized layer in the solder bath.

Prevents the solder spattering

●Comparing solder spattering of terminal treatment

Stable terminal treatment with high quality.
Parts:Motor coil
Solder bath temp:450℃

Adaptable for various temperature condition

Adaptable for various temperature of solder bath 250~500℃.It can suppress oxidation stably,regardless surface mounted component,solderbath and condition.


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