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Special usage

Fine powder paste
Demand and necessity of fine powder paste

The particle size of the solder powder used for the solder paste must be selected according to the mounted product. The miniaturization of parts used for compact mounted products has progressed, and along with this, in order to stably apply a small amount of solder to the mounting substrate, we need to narrow the inner diameter of the dispense nozzle and the metal mask opening, and fine powder is used.

Issues of fine powder paste

The surface area per unit weight increases, in addition to reducing the diameter of the fine powder.
These results in problems below, and we need dedicate flux which solved it.
・ Increase in cost
・ Degradation of wettability
・ Increase of solder ball
・ Degradation of stability during use (continuous application)

Fine powder paste in Ishikawa metal

We have syringe type solder paste using Type 5 (10-25) powder and it has a already been adopted by customers.

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