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Special usage

Dip soldering for aluminum coil

Copper is widely used in automobiles and electronic components,
and its price has risen significantly since July 2020.
Increasing demand for copper due to the widespread use of electric vehicles (EVs) is one of the factors pushing up prices.
Some users are switching the material of bus bars and coils from copper to aluminum.
In addition, the weight reduction aspect is also attracting attention to switch from copper to aluminum.
→From copper to aluminum

Dip Soldering with Conventional Flux

If the material is changed from copper to aluminum, there are the following issues during soldering with conventional flux.

1. Difficulty in soldering
→The oxide film on the aluminum surface is too stable that it is difficult to remove with conventional flux.

2. Cleaning process is required
→Since it is necessary to use flux with strong activation and high corrosiveness, a cleaning process is required after soldering.

3、Urethane coat removal is required in advance
→Urethane coat on the coil surface must be removed in advance.

Dip Soldering with a New Flux

Our flux for aluminum dipping can solve the above problems.

1、Remove the oxide film with flux
→Since the new flux can remove the oxide film on the aluminum surface, it is available to solder to aluminum.

2. Cleaning process is not required
→New designed flux active only at high temperatures during soldering, so there is no need for a post-soldering cleaning process.

3. No need to remove the urethane coat in advance
→The new flux can remove the urethane coat and aluminum oxide film at the same time on some aluminum coil wires. As a result, users can eliminate the process of removing the urethane coat and complete soldering in one step.

Soldering images of aluminum coil

This image shows the soldering of aluminum coil wire without removing the urethane coat.
By using FLAST EL, available to solder without causing the wetting failure that occurs with conventional products.
In addition, achieve high productivity with eliminating the cleaning process.

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