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Soldering issues

Wettability issues, bridges, spikes (Flux cored solder wire)
Wettability issues, bridges, spikes

Wettability issues, bridges, spikes are caused by flux activity. The flux loses activity over time, due to the heat during soldering, We can reduce these problems by reviewing work procedures and selection of flux.

Changes that occur in flux during soldering

It is the active agent in flux that directly affects wettability and activity of solder during soldering, the activator will decompose and volatilize with heat and be consumed. It is important in preventing wettability issues to suppress volatilization of the active agent and always supply fresh active agent to the soldered part.

Review of soldering work

The supply timing of solder is very important, regardless of manual soldering or robot soldering.
Fresh active agent always exists in the soldered part and realizes better wettability by supplying it little by little, than a large amount at once, especially, in case of robot soldering, the finish greatly changes.

Selection of solder materials

The active agent in the flux is selected according to the application of each product and reacts at the optimum temperature.
It is important to consult with the solder maker and to use solder adapted to the packaging and construction method.
We have flux cored solder wires that shows excellent wettability with wide temperature range and mounting products. In addition to ordinary components, it can be used for high difficulty mounting products such as through-hole boards, transformers, large connectors, etc

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