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Special usage

Measures for fine wire erosion
Cu erosion, fine wire erosion

It is a phenomenon that the line becomes narrow in soldering, when soldering a coil wire such as a relay part, an earphone, a microphone etc. Depending on the degree, it leads to failure such as disconnection.

Cause of copper erosion

Copper erosion causes the copper of the coil wire makes a compound with Sn in the solder and diffuses into the solder.
Since Pb-free solder contains a lot of Sn, it is easier to make erosion.

Measures for copper erosion

Adding a large amount of Cu into the solder alloy enables to lower the diffusion rate of Cu from the coil wire and to reduce copper erosion. We have flux cored solder wire and solder bar for measures against copper erosion, so please contact us.

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