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  • 7-21 Chikkoh Hamadera Nishimachi Nishi-ku Sakai City, Osaka 592-8352, Japan
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Soldering issues

Residue cracking
Residue cracking

Residual cracking is a phenomenon in which cracking or peeling occurs due to the application of forces such as heat shrinkage and bending to the flux residue.

Problems of residue cracking

Cracking in the residue causes moisuture absorption at the cracked part, and leads to a decrease in electrical reliability. Also, peeled flux enters switch contact etc, which may cause malfunction.

Measures against Cracking in the residue

Measures against cracking in the residue are washing of substrates and coating of coating agents, but in both cases cost problems arise. In order to solve these problems, resilient flux has been developed and put to practical use. We have residue cracking prevention type solder paste and flux cored solder wire, so please contact us.

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