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Special usage

LASER soldering
Characteristics of LASER soldering

two major reasons why LASER is used for soldering are listed below.
· Non-contact heating and less maintenance
· Small variation in solder amount, stable mounting quality

LASER absorption rate

Infrared LASER is used for soldering, and characterized by higher absorptivity of organic matter than metal.
Therefore, in soldering, before the solder alloy reaches the required temperature, the flux may evaporates or deteriorates, because of higher temperature of the flux.

Issues of LASER soldering

There are the following problems accompanying light heating and short-term rapid heating, in LASER soldering
· Not enough wettability
· Flux, solder spattering
· Degradation of LASER output due to lens contamination

Function required for LASER solder material

As a solder material for LASER, dedicated flux cored solder wire and solder paste are prepared. In case of flux cored solder wire, it corresponds by using base material which is hard to evaporate. Also, in the case of solder paste, it corresponds to by adding a material that is hard to cause heat sag at high temperature, respectively.

We have solder materials suitable for point soldering, SMT, printing, dispensing and various mounting forms, so please contact us.

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